addle\ egg

addle\ egg

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  • addle — (v.) 1712, from addle (n.) urine, liquid filth, from O.E. adela mud, mire, liquid manure (cognate with O.Swed. adel urine, M.L.G. adel, Du. aal puddle ). Used in noun phrase addle egg (mid 13c.) egg that does not hatch, rotten egg, lit. urine egg …   Etymology dictionary

  • addle — [ad′ l] adj. [ME adel in adel eye, addle egg, transl. of L ovum urinae, egg of urine, confused form of ovum urinum (a rendering of Gr ourion ōon, wind egg) < OE adela; akin to MLowG adele, mud] 1. rotten: said of an egg 2. muddled; confused:… …   English World dictionary

  • addle —  rotten, as an addle egg. North …   A glossary of provincial and local words used in England

  • addle — ► VERB 1) confuse. 2) (addled) (of an egg) rotten. ► ADJECTIVE ▪ unsound; muddled. ORIGIN from Old English, «liquid filth» …   English terms dictionary

  • addle — v. & adj. v. 1 tr. muddle, confuse. 2 intr. (of an egg) become addled. adj. 1 muddled, unsound (addle brained; addle head). 2 empty, vain. 3 (of an egg) addled. Etymology: OE adela filth, used as adj., then as verb …   Useful english dictionary

  • addle — verb [often as adjective addled] 1》 confuse. 2》 (of an egg) become rotten, producing no chick. adjective 1》 not clear or cogent; muddled: the film is addle brained. 2》 archaic (of an egg) rotten. Origin ME: from OE adela liquid filth , of Gmc… …   English new terms dictionary

  • addle — I Mawdesley Glossary an infertile egg. To accumulate money. II Yorkshire Dialect Earn by labour, Addle a living III Cleveland Dialect List to earn IV North Country (Newcastle) Words to earn by labour …   English dialects glossary

  • addle — I. adjective Etymology: Middle English adel filth, from Old English adela; akin to Middle Low German adele liquid manure Date: 1682 1. of an egg rotten 2. confused II. verb (addled; addling …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • addle — see as good be an addled egg as an idle bird …   Proverbs new dictionary

  • as good be an addled egg as an idle bird — 1578 LYLY Euphues I. 325 If I had not bene gathered from the tree in the budde, I should beeing blowne haue proued a blast, and as good it is to bee an addle egge as an idle bird. 1732 T. FULLER Gnomologia no. 681 As good be an addled Egg, as an… …   Proverbs new dictionary

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